Pup in Boots (Short 1981)

Pup in Boots 1981 · 20min · Color · Russian · French Dog Gascon falls in love with the Queen’s lapdog and goes after her to the court. She gives […]

Adazhio (Short 2000)

Adazhio 2000 · 10min The animated story of a leader and innovator who is undone by the distorted actions of the followers. IMDb rating – 7.8/10 from 596 users Genres […]

I, Pet Goat II (Short 2012)

I, Pet Goat II 2012 · 8min · Color · English I, Pet Goat II is an animated film brimming with silent messages and esoteric symbolism. While the movie has […]

Tune for Two (Short 2011)

Tune for Two 2011 · 3min · Color · Swedish An execution takes an unexpected turn… An assassin drags his victim into the middle of the snowy woods, digs a […]

The Cat Concerto (Short 1947)

The Cat Concerto 1947 · Passed · 8min · None Tom Cat is a concert pianist who plays beautifully until he is interrupted by Jerry Mouse. IMDb rating – 8.2/10 […]