Painting By Numbers (Short 2021)

Painting By Numbers BRIEF SYNOPSIS: A child’s encounter with classic masterpieces triggers a confronting epiphany LONG DESCRIPTION:When we look at great art, do we realise it is looking back? With […]

Pink Me Blue (Short 2019)

Pink Me Blue Imagine a world where everything you know is questioned and old stereotypes are broken. Maybe things could be different if we open our minds? “Pink Me Blue” […]

Pecos Pest (Short 1955)

Pecos Pest 1955 · Approved · 7min · English Jerry's eccentric uncle, Pecos, a Texas mouse, comes to spend the night with him before his musical performance on television the […]

Just Ducky (Short 1953)

Just Ducky 1953 · Approved · 7min · English Jerry Mouse befriends a newly hatched duck who can’t swim and ends up protecting him against his feline nemesis, Tom. IMDb […]

Rabbit Punch (Short 1948)

Rabbit Punch 1948 · Approved · 8min · English Heckling the Champ gets Bugs into the world championship fight as the challenger. IMDb rating – 7.7/10 from 829 users Genres […]

Noah (Short 2013)

Noah 2013 · 18min · Color · English Noah's relationship takes a rapid turn for the worse. IMDb rating – 7.7/10 from 825 users Genres – Animation · Short · […]

Slicked-up Pup (Short 1951)

Slicked-up Pup 1951 · Approved · 6min · English Spike has just washed his pup. Tom and Jerry's chase knocks him into a mud puddle. Spike makes Tom clean him […]

The Framed Cat (Short 1950)

The Framed Cat 1950 · Approved · 7min · English Tom filches a drumstick from a fresh-baked chicken. When Mammy is about to discover him, he hands it off to […]

Triplet Trouble (Short 1952)

Triplet Trouble 1952 · Approved · 7min · English Mammy Two-Shoes agrees to babysit three seemingly innocent kittens. But while she is away buying cream, the trio of brats torment […]