Painting By Numbers (Short 2021)

Painting By Numbers

BRIEF SYNOPSIS: A child's encounter with classic masterpieces triggers a confronting epiphany

When we look at great art, do we realise it is looking back? With eyes that see more clearly than we do?

In a mysterious gallery imbued with strange life, shadows of the past and unresolved futures collide when a child's vision peels away the layers of what we call 'reality'...join a journey through the masterpieces you thought you knew as their hidden souls are finally given a voice.

As layers of contemporary 'reality' are stripped away, art's unseen soul brings a challenge we can neither ignore nor escape. Or can we? Will their message be heard in time?

The door is open. The masters' works await us. Who will enter ?

Tag: Animation Art Environmental Experimental sydfest SydFest2021


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