Micro-Phonies (Short 1945)

Micro-Phonies 1945 · Passed · 17min · Black and White · English THE DAFFIEST TRIO THAT EVER HIT THE LAUGHWAVES! (original poster-all caps) The stooges are working in a radio […]

Symphony Hour (Short 1942)

Symphony Hour 1942 · 7min · English Mickey guest-directs a radio orchestra. The sponsor loves the rehearsal, but come the actual performance, Goofy drops all the instruments under an elevator, […]

The Band Concert (Short 1935)

The Band Concert 1935 · Approved · 9min · English Mickey is a frustrated bandleader dealing with obnoxious peanut vendor and flute player Donald, who tries to persuade the band […]

The Maker (Short 2011)

The Maker 2011 · Not Rated · 6min · Color · None Life is what you make it. A strange creature races against time to make the most important and […]