JACKS (Short 2020)

JACKS A police officer’s first time undercover takes a series of surprising turns on the night he partakes in a gangland drug deal. Video URL: https://www.youtube.com/embed/qGoYaRoRmoY

Imago (Short 2021)

Imago Log Line:A damaged Jack watches his gang of delinquentes plunge further into a life of crime, his passivity sucking him into the chaos, and forcing him to make a […]

Interpretation (Short 2008)

Interpretation 2008 · Not Rated · 7min · Color · English A romantic couple’s brief encounter with a few philosophical thugs unfolds in an unusual way. After this night, no […]

Racketeer Rabbit (Short 1946)

Racketeer Rabbit 1946 · Approved · 8min · English Edward G. Robinson and Peter Lorre make it home to their hideout only to find Bugs already settled down there for […]

Dizzy Detectives (Short 1943)

Dizzy Detectives 1943 · Approved · 18min · Black and White · English Deliriously daffy with laughs! (lobby card). The stooges are carpenters who become policemen. A mysterious burglar disguised […]

The Modifyers (Short 2010)

The Modifyers 2010 · TV-Y7 · 12min · Color · English Follows the adventures of a female spy name Agent Xero, who works for an organization called the Modifyers. Using […]

Logorama (Short 2009)

Logorama 2009 · R · 16min · Color · English Spectacular car chases, an intense hostage crisis, wild animals rampaging through the city, and even more, will have you at […]