The Hasty Hare (Short 1952)

The Hasty Hare 1952 · Approved · 7min · English A fey little Martian, with his green dog-soldier, K-9, arrive on Earth with instructions to bring back an Earth creature. […]

Baby Butch (Short 1954)

Baby Butch 1954 · Approved · 7min · English An alley cat disguises himself as an abandoned baby in order to con his way inside the house of Tom and […]

The Missing Mouse (Short 1953)

The Missing Mouse 1953 · Approved · 6min · English Upon hearing about a white mouse that could explode is on the loose, Jerry decides to impersonate it to torment […]

Tennis Chumps (Short 1949)

Tennis Chumps 1949 · Approved · 7min · English Tom plays championship tennis against a cigar-smoking bully, but both cats find themselves battling Tom's much-abused lackey, Jerry Mouse, for the […]

The Duck Doctor (Short 1952)

The Duck Doctor 1952 · Approved · 7min · English Tom is duck hunting, and he wings a little duckling that can’t quite keep up with the flock. Jerry gets […]

Hare Do (Short 1949)

Hare Do 1949 · Approved · 7min · English Elmer Fudd hunts for Bugs with an army surplus wabbit detector but it doesn't seem to work when Bugs leads him […]

Walky Talky Hawky (Short 1946)

Walky Talky Hawky 1946 · Approved · 7min · English Young Henery Hawk's father regretfully admits their family's shame: they hunt and eat chickens. Henery set off to find one, […]