Un Chien Andalou (Short 1929)

Un Chien Andalou

1929 · Not Rated · 16min · Black and White · None · French Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí present 16 minutes of bizarre, surreal imagery. IMDb rating - 7.7/10 from 48K users Genres - Short · Fantasy · Horror Director - Luis Buñuel Writer - Salvador Dalí(scenario) · Luis Buñuel(scenario) Stars - Pierre Batcheff · Simone Mareuil · Luis Buñuel(uncredited) Story line - In a surrealistic film with input from Salvador Dalí, director Luis Buñuel presents stark, surrealistic images including the slitting open of a woman's eye and a dead horse being pulled along on top of a piano. A mysterious film open to interpretations ranging from deep to completely meaningless, this short (17-minute) film certainly presented something new in the cinema of its day. —garykmcd Release date - June 6, 1929 (France) Countries of origin - France Also known as - An Andalusian Dog Filming locations - Le Havre, Seine-Maritime, France

Tag: Fantasy Horror Short TopShort

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