There's a Man in the Woods (Short 2014)

There's a Man in the Woods

2014 · 4min · Color · English

A teacher struggles to control a rumor spreading around his elementary school by one greedy child.

IMDb rating - 7.7/10 from 584 users

Genres - Animation · Short · Drama

Director - Jacob Streilein

Writer - Cooper Nelson · Jacob Streilein

Story line - Just like that, the rumours of a mysterious and elusive deranged killer in the woods spread like a raging wildfire, threatening to obliterate the life of an elementary school teacher. It all started when Sid, a selfish little brat, claimed that he honestly saw the unknown man lurking in the forest's shadows, and before long, the situation spiraled out of control. However, just like the classic fable of the boy who cried wolf, this sad little story also ends up in a disaster, but for who? —Nick Riganas

Release date - April 21, 2014 (United States)

Countries of origin - United States

Official site -

Also known as - Человек в лесу

Production company - CalArts

Tag: Animation Drama Short TopShort

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