The House of Small Cubes (Short 2008)

The House of Small Cubes

2008 · 12min · Color · Japanese

To save his house from rising flood waters, an old man uses bricks to build it higher, then he relives events from his past while searching for his dropped pipe.

IMDb rating - 8.2/10 from 11K users

Genres - Animation · Short · Drama · Family

Director - Kunio Kato

Writer - Kunio Kato · Kenya Hirata

Story line - As his town is flooded by water, an old man is forced to add additional levels onto his home with bricks (cubes) in order to stay dry. But when he accidentally drops his favorite smoking pipe into the lower levels of his home, his search for the pipe eventually makes him relive scenes from his eventful life. —btop

Release date - July 14, 2011 (Brazil)

Countries of origin - Japan

Official site -

Also known as - La maison en petits cubes

Production company - Robot Communications

Tag: Animation Drama Family Short TopShort


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