The Absent-Minded Waiter (Short 1977)

The Absent-Minded Waiter

1977 · G · 7min · Color · English

Bernie Cates requests the services of the most absent-minded waiter he's ever seen, who pours water before setting the glasses, endlessly repeats questions, brings wrong orders, and ruins everything- but the bill.

IMDb rating - 7.5/10 from 685 users

Genres - Comedy · Short

Director - Carl Gottlieb

Writer - Steve Martin

Stars - Steve Martin · Buck Henry · Teri Garr

Story line - Steven, a clumsy man with the memory of a goldfish, works as a waiter at a fancy restaurant downtown. When the happily-married couple of Bernie and Susan arrive for dinner, the most absent-minded waiter in the world will do everything in his power to offer an unforgettable and profoundly gratifying experience. —Nick Riganas

Release date - July 13, 1977 (United States)

Countries of origin - United States

Also known as - Ein Kellner wie der Gast ihn liebt

Production company - Paramount Pictures · Aspen Film Society · Aspen Film Society

Tag: Comedy Short TopShort

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