Sack of Apples (Short 1974)

Sack of Apples

1974 · 19min · Color · Russian

Hare carries bag of apples for 4 sonnies and lovely daughter. But along the way he gives all apples to forest dwellers leaving his children hungry.

IMDb rating - 8.0/10 from 511 users

Genres - Animation · Short

Director - Vitold Bordzilovskiy

Writer - Vladimir Suteev

Stars - Boris Andreyev(voice) · Georgiy Vitsin(voice) · Anatoliy Papanov(voice)

Story line - A good Hare tries to find food in the forest for his family, but finds nothing. At the last moment he comes to the river, sees on the other side the apple tree and tries to move there, but it is very deep. Then our hero swims on a log, like a raft, to the other shore, and collects apples in a sack. At the same time he is abused by the Crow, supposedly for greed. —Peter-Patrick76 (

Countries of origin - Soviet Union

Also known as - En säck äpplen

Production company - Soyuzmultfilm

Tag: Animation Short TopShort

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