I'm Here Too (Short 2017)

I'm Here Too

2017 · 15min · Color · English

You're Never Alone... It's Not Just You... Cause I'm Here Too

A teenager's seemingly perfect life comes crashing down around her, as she suffers with depression in silence. Now, under extreme exertion, she must find the answer to the ultimate question - Is her life worth living?

IMDb rating - 8.2/10 from 780 users

Genres - Short · Drama

Director - Brendan Byrne · Marissa Kaye

Writer - Brendan Byrne · Kayla Byrne(collaborating writer)

Stars - Brendan Byrne · Carol Elsden · Natalia Cricri

Story line - Teenager Claire Prescott (Carol Elsden), has the perfect life: a family who cherishes her, a boyfriend who adores her and friends who admire her. She even has the social admiration with over 2,000 followers on Instagram - so why does she suffer from depression? I'm Here Too tells the touching story through the eyes of Claire, as she narrates her thoughts and emotions, whilst struggling to uncover the answer to the ultimate question - Is my life worth living? As the emotional journey unfolds, Claire's narrative explains an intricate and emotional topic in an intelligible way, as she endures the trials and tribulations of her severe depression, but by the time she finally realises she doesn't have to suffer in silence, it may be too late. —Brendan Byrne

Release date - November 9, 2017 (Australia)

Countries of origin - Australia

Official site - www.facebook.com · vimeo.com

Production company - Shadow Wolves Productions · Becker Entertainment · Infinite Mind Entertainment

Tag: Drama Short TopShort

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