Italian Spiderman (Short 2007)

Italian Spiderman

2007 · 40min · Color · English · Italian

Actione, Terrore, Suspenso... SPIDER!

When an otherworldly substance with amazing cloning properties falls into the hands of the evil criminal mastermind, Captain Maximum, only the extreme powers of the Italian Spiderman can save the world.

IMDb rating - 7.9/10 from 975 users

Genres - Short · Action · Comedy

Director - Dario Russo

Stars - David Ashby · Chris Asimos · Anna Cashman

Story line - Have you ever wondered what would happen if an Italian producer took quaaludes, stumbled into a theater, and saw the first 5 minutes of spider man 2? Well worry no more because Italian Spider-Man is here to haunt your dreams with meteors, snake men, and macchiatos. Let's do it PussyCat! —se-948-307855

Release date - November 8, 2007 (Australia)

Countries of origin - Australia

Official site -

Also known as - Итальянский Спайдермен

Tag: Action Comedy Short TopShort

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