In the Country of Unlearned Lessons (Short 1969)

In the Country of Unlearned Lessons

1969 · 19min · Color · Russian

Loser Vitya didn't want to do homework and was punished. Eats shoots and leaves.

IMDb rating - 7.8/10 from 505 users

Genres - Animation · Short · Family

Director - Yuriy Prytkov

Writer - Liya Geraskina

Stars - Mariya Vinogradova(voice) · Nikolay Litvinov(voice) · Leonid Kharitonov(voice)

Story line - Lazy and loser Viktor Perestukin does not want to learn, all he wants is adventure. Once his wish comes true - his own school textbooks send Perestukin to the Country of unlearned lessons, but put a condition: if he does not cope with the difficulties and dangers that await him on the way, he will remain in this Country forever. —Peter-Patrick76 (

Countries of origin - Soviet Union

Also known as - В стране невыученных уроков

Production company - Soyuzmultfilm

Tag: Animation Family Short TopShort

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