Geri's Game (Short 1997)

Geri's Game

1997 · G · 4min · Color · None

Geri sets up a chess game to play his greatest opponent - himself.

IMDb rating - 7.9/10 from 24K users

Genres - Animation · Short · Family

Director - Jan Pinkava

Writer - Jan Pinkava

Story line - In a park, an old man is playing a game of chess against himself; he's physically moving from side to side as he plays from white to black. As the game progresses, the two sides of himself become individual and distinct players, "white" being the pensive and thoughtful side, "black" being the aggressive hard hitting side. But as the game looks to be coming to a conclusion, white makes a surprisingly aggressive move which could change what looked to be the obvious outcome of the game. —Huggo

Release date - November 25, 1997 (United States)

Countries of origin - United States

Official site -

Also known as - Гра Джері

Production company - Pixar Animation Studios

Tag: Animation Family Short TopShort


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