Forfiter (Short 2021)


2021 · 31min · Color · Polish

Thrilling work that sets new standards

When a killer predator unleashes chaos on a village community, it's up to Miroslaw, and Janusz to hunt the beast down.

IMDb rating - 9.0/10 from 300 users

Genres - Short · Action · Comedy · Sci-Fi

Director - Eustachy Da Niero

Writer - Eustachy Da Niero

Stars - Stanislaw Szymkiewicz · Eustachy Da Niero · Rex Russell

Story line - The story told in the film begins on Sunday, when the community of the small village Gozdanin is attacked by a bloodthirsty predator. The brave brother-in-law Miroslaw (Stanislaw Szymkiewicz) and the husband of his sister Janusz (Eustachy Da Niero) set out on a desperate mission to kill the beast before it attacks the innocent people again. A perfect mix of action, flap doodles, and an unforgettable finale with a wild predator will leave viewers confused with their next trip to the forest.

Release date - March 13, 2021 (Poland)

Countries of origin - Poland

Also known as - Fourfeeter

Filming locations - Gozdanin, Dolnoslaskie, Poland

Production company - Polversal Pictures

Tag: Action Comedy Sci-Fi Short TopShort

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