Dinner for Few (Short 2014)

Dinner for Few

2014 · 10min · Color

A sociopolitical metaphor of the world as a formal dinner that takes an unexpected turn when there's no more food to be served.

IMDb rating - 7.8/10 from 297 users

Genres - Animation · Short · Drama · Horror

Director - Athanassios Vakalis

Writer - Athanassios Vakalis(story)

Story line - During dinner the system is working like a well-oiled machine. It constantly and solely feeds the few that foolishly consume all the resources while the rest survive on what little falls off the table. Inevitably when the supply is depleted the struggle for what's left leads to a catastrophic change. Sadly the offspring of this profound transition turns out to be not a sign of hope but the spitting image of the parents. The film is a sociopolitical allegory of our society.

Release date - March 27, 2015 (United States)

Countries of origin - United States · Greece

Official site - www.dinnerforfew.com · www.promofest.org

Also known as - Deipno gia ligous

Tag: Animation Drama Horror Short TopShort

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