Draftee Daffy (Short 1945)

Draftee Daffy

1945 · TV-Y7 · 7min · English

Daffy Duck is desperate to elude the draft board respresentative bearing his conscription order.

IMDb rating - 7.5/10 from 761 users

Genres - Animation · Short · Comedy · Family · War

Director - Robert Clampett

Writer - Lou Lilly(story) · Warren Foster(story)

Story line - Daffy's flag-waving patriotic fervor is stopped cold when he gets an unexpected visit from the little man from the Draft Board. The duck's frenzied attempts to escape from or eliminate his egg-headed nemesis culminate in a rocket ride which, instead of taking him to the heavens, sends him to the other place. —Paul Penna <tterrace@wco.com>

Release date - January 27, 1945 (United States)

Countries of origin - United States

Also known as - El reclutamiento

Production company - Warner Bros.

Tag: Animation Comedy Family Short TopShort War

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